1. The Visual Poetics magazine accepts original and novel work (individual or collective authorship) to the FEATURED, ABSTRACTS, ARTICLES and REVIEWS sections whose publication is subject to the assessment of referees and the Editorial Committee. Non original articles, those that have been already published, will be accepted only in the case of the edition being out of print or a translation to another language, different than that of the original language.
  2. Criteria for publication: All papers submitted will be sent to a blind evaluation system, that is, without reference to the author, for evaluation by two reviewers, primarily members of the Scientific Council. With the opinions of the reviewers, the article is assessed by the Editorial Board to be ruled in the context of the organization of the number in question. Subsequently, to the author proceeds a reply of acceptance, modification or rejection. The replicas will be subject to the same process of article submission.
  3. The texts should:
    1. Be written according to the texting standards adopted by the magazine as bellow, according to the next itens;
    2. Be typed in the Word editor with the following format – page size A4, font Times New Roman, size 12, with simple lines, without justification at the end;
    3. Having a range of 15 to 25 pages, for essays and critical-analytical articles, and 3 to 5 pages, for the reviews.
    4. Texts must have all informations about the author, like institution which he/she belongs, title, city, state (or province), country, and specific area from the arts which he/she is expertize, and the text must be introduced by an abstract of 5 to 10 lines and, at least, 3 keywords typed in size 10. Include English language translation (abstract and keywords) and Portuguese.
    5. The reviews should have a proper title, distinct from the title of the reviewed work, followed by the text. The title must include full references to the work being reviewed.
    6. The reproduction of illustrations is of full responsibility of the author. Images must be saved in TIF or EPS, with at least 300 DPI.
    7. Entries must be sent to the following email address: “Núcleo de Pesquisa em Multimeios Mídia Press” <>.